Uaxactun Mayan archaeology site is located  19 km north of Tikal in the Maya Biosphere Reserve within Tikal National Park.   It receives fewer visitors than its neighbour, Tikal,  however, it is listed in 2014’s World Monuments Watch.  Uaxactun was one of the longest occupied Mayan sites and had a long history of warfare with, and occupation by, neighbouring powerhouse, Tikal.

Uaxactun is famous for having the oldest complete astronomy complexes in the Maya Petén lowlands.  It comprises three short temples in a line facing a taller pyramid. Viewed from the top of the pyramid, the sun aligns with points on the temples during the equinoxes and solstices.

The area around Uaxactun is a community forest which is famous for natural gum.  There is a small disused airstrip built by the Wrigley company in the 1920’s to harvest gum for their chewing gum.

If you want to escape the tourist crowds, a trip to this quiet but fascinating site is a must.   A day trip to Uaxactun can be combined with a tour of Tikal, or as part of one of our multi-day packages.  If you can’t see the right option for you, contact us to arrange a bespoke tour.