Aguateca & El Ceibal


Aguateca Mayan archaeology site offers a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the ancient Mayans.  It is situated at the edge of the Petebaxtun basin in Northern Guatemala.  The earliest occupation of this partially reconstructed site dates from the Late Preclassic period. It was at the height of its power between around 600AD to 830AD.  This well-preserved site sits at the top of an incredible chasm measuring 50-60 meters deep and 5-15 meters deep in most places.  This imposing ravine gave Aguateca a natural defensive advantage, yet the increasingly hostile nature of Mayan civilisation is evidenced by the building of further walls around the city.  Despite these defensive measures, at some point around 830AD, an unknown enemy attacked and ransacked the citadel.  The inhabitants fled leaving a wealth of personal possessions abandoned in the rush to escape.  The tragic nature of the fall of Aguateca left a wealth of historical evidence that helps bring the world of the ancient Mayans to life and shed a little light on this mysterious civilisation.

El Ceibal

Ceibal, sometimes known as Seibal, is a Mayan Classic Period archaeological site.  It grew in power and size to a major city sometime between 830AD and 900AD.  The archeological remains of Ceibal feature some of the best preserved and most ornate stone carvings of the Guatemalan lowland Mayan sites.

Getting to the Mayan ruins of Aguateca and El Ceibal is an adventure in itself.  Our tours include a boat ride of approximately one and a half hours passing through La Pasión River, Petexbatún River, Petexbatún Lagoon and Aguateca creek.   You will often see turtles, crocodiles and iguanas along the way!  Then we take a hike through the rainforest up to ‘La Greita’ Aguateca and Ceibals colossal gorge.

We offer a range of tours to Aguateca and El Ceilbal.  If you can’t see one that fits your requirements, then please contact us to arrange a tailor-made trip.  If you would like to combine your trip with  Mayan sites such as Yakha or Tikal, please see our multi-day packages.