Premier Access to the Maya World

A trip to Guatemala would not be complete without exploring the world-famous archaeology sites of the Petén district.   This vast tropical jungle basin shelters some of the most important relics of Mayan civilisation.   Mammoth limestone citadels whose pyramids erupt through the forest canopy with overwhelming majesty.   Step into the mysterious world of the ancient Mayans.  One of the world's foundational civilisations whose incredible achievements have fascinated archaeologists and explorers for over a century.  Whose ancient calendars, writing, scientific knowledge and complex societal systems question our understanding of the world. 

Join us on individually tailored tours and packages to explore these incredible Mayan ruins.  Our unparalleled local knowledge and passion will help illuminate the mysteries of the ancient world. Contact us more information or to make a booking.

Visits to all these incredible sites can be arranged with us.  Our knowledge of the sites and our passion for sharing them with our guests is unparalleled.  Let us take you into the ancient world of the mysterious Mayans. Contact us more information or to make a booking.