Our Sustainability Policy

Deforestation in Guatemala is a major ecological problem, with the rainforests of Guatemala disappearing at an alarming rate.   Nitun was founded with the purpose of conserving and protecting this remarkable area of biodiversity in northern Guatemala.   Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Nitun.  It has allowed us to develop Nitun Private Reserve over 25 years into a luscious and clean forest with a bustling eco-system that includes multiple species of hummingbird, monkey,  tropical birds, butterflies and amphibians.  Here are a few examples of practices we implement to minimize the impact of our presence in the forest. 

  • In a time when the world's waters are being choked with plastics and pollution, we are proud that we have managed to help keep the waters of Lake Petén Itza pristine.  Our water supply comes from the lake via a large, effective pump.  Each casita has two separate septic tanks; one for grey water (soaps, shower, sinks) and the other for toilet water.  Nothing at all is deposited into the Lake, leaving you to enjoy the clear and clean water befitting a tropical paradise.
  • We only use organic cleaning products and all our bathroom soaps are organic and biodegradable.  
  • We buy all our produce daily from small producers at the local market.  By purchasing our vegetables, fruits, fish, dairy and meat from local farmers we support local businesses, minimize the environmental impact of transporting food,  and ensure that all your meals are freshly prepared with delicious, organic local ingredients.  
  • We strengthen and capacitate our local communities by helping to provide skills such as baking, cooking, English language and hosting.

For further info on our sustainability and conservation practices please get in touch.